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Tree Seedlings

A tree is a living legacy.
To plant a tree
is to plant a memory!


Seed Bomb Throw & Grow
Bulk @ .60 ea
50 Minimum
Seed Bomb Favours
2 per favour with gift tag
$2.75 ea!
Bulb in a Box Gifts (after Sept. only)
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$35 and up

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Fiona Says:
“The seedlings fit perfectly with our wedding where we tried to be as green as possible.
Our guests loved them!
Placing the order was so easy: the customer service was impeccable – every one of my many questions was answered quickly, with care and detail.”

Debbie Says:
"I received the trees today! They are wonderful. Thank you for the wrapping display, that is perfect and I love them. The extra gifts are appreciated : )
Thanks for all of your help!"

Deb - South Shore
Birthday Party

Organic and greenhouse grown right here in Canada!
Keep updated on new plant products, flower bulbs, handmade seeded paper & seed packages from Treelings Green Gifts - and of course, our famous 'baby trees'! :-)

Treelings Green Gifts & Nursery has been shipping tree seedlings across Canada since 2004 for weddings, corporate events and other 'earth-approved' occasions. We also sell seedlings and small trees for landscaping and forest remediation and like to work with the land owners to insure healthy reforestation. Our NGO tree planting projects are for very special trees and very special people.

Planting trees for any occasion just makes us feel better about our place in the scheme of things. We know we did do something, in our own small way to help heal the planet. When we plant a tree, we leave a legacy for future generations. Plant a tree and you plant a memory that lives on into perpetuity. Trees can live hundreds, even a thousand years into the future. Trees can bear fruit or nuts, provide shade from the heat of summer and shelter from the winter's blast. Trees offer fuel and lumber and many by-products used in the building trade.

Beautifully wrapped Evergreen Tree Seedlings carry the right message
for your family, friends and customers.

"I am thankful "for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky
and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes"
- e. e. cummings

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